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It’s All About the Execution

Co-Owner, Co-Executive Chairman

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"You can have great elements and capital in abundance
but it's always execution that separates success from failure."
- Peter Guber


Peter Guber and Joe Lacob were the driving forces behind the ownership group’s NBA bid to purchase the Warriors in 2010.

In 2015, the Warriors captured the organization’s first NBA Championship in 40 years to culminate the most successful three-year run in franchise history.

In his role as co-Owner and co-Executive Chairman, Peter provides executive leadership in all aspects including team and personnel, game operations, venue management, in-game operation, and entertainment value. In addition, he drives the strategic initiatives and operational imperatives around building a $1.3 billion dollar sports entertainment center in San Francisco where the Warriors will play their first home game in 2019.

Golden State Warriors owners, Peter Guber and Joe Lacob.

photo: Getty Images/NBAE

Peter Guber Golden State Warriors 2015 NBA Champions

Peter celebrates the NBA Championship with his team, the 2015 NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. photo: Getty Images/NBAE

New NBA Record

In 2015-2016, the Golden State Warriors made NBA history when the team set a new record for most wins in a single-season: 73.



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Success Requires Change

The competitive nature of the purchase drove up the price to a point that meant success would only be assured if there was a sea change in the entire organization and its strategy and tactics. The Warriors were in shambles, stuck at the bottom of the league by all metrics.

We set out to pay a premium for the best leadership and determined that the culture mantra would be impatience, but not imprudence.

Peter Guber Stephen Curry NBA Championship Trophy
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Golden State Warriors Center Court at Oracle Arena
A Cultural Overhaul: Inside and Out

Each new executive was carefully vetted for their tolerance not to be risk averse and for their ability to have ownership of the process with their reward built around carefully crafted goals.

Determined to rebuild the brand, we focused on strengthening the bond between the executives and the operating staff and reconstructing the relationship with the loyal fans.

Peter Guber Steph Curry Championship Ring
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"The biggest risk in the business world today
You have to take risks."
- Peter Guber


The Experience Matters & The Importance of Inclusivity

We shaped our culture around a strategy of being audience-centric. Every touch point was crafted to shape participation in the team. Vendors, sponsors, and fans were all given a vested interest – changed from passengers to participants who now had a role in the outcome.

The operative team was charged with engaging our fans and taking the oldest venue in the NBA and turning it into a state of the art venue. This meant experimentation and some bumps.

Strength In Numbers t-shirts Oracle Arena Golden State Warriors
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We Are All In This Together

Culture became the mantra of the Golden State Warrior’s business plan. We instilled a culture that supported risk, embraced uncertainty, and accepted failure as an inevitable part of the process.


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Peter Guber and Joe Lacob celebrate the 2015 NBA Championship with their team, the Golden State Warriors
photo: Getty Images/NBAE

Leading the Charge

We are leading the charge to build the new Chase Center, a majestic sports and entertainment venue in San Francisco where the Warriors will play their first home game in 2019. The indoor venue will host major sporting events, concerts, conventions, family shows and more.

The brand new Chase Center in San Francisco is scheduled to house the Golden State Warriors starting in 2019.

The brand new Chase Center in San Francisco is scheduled to house the Golden State Warriors starting in 2019.

The Take Away

Peter Guber Golden State Warriors

photo: Getty Images/NBAE

The Take Away

It’s All about the Execution.

“There are no guarantees in any business. A random event can derail anyone’s success at any time. Yet, despite factors outside of your control, what I do know is that your organization’s culture is the foundation upon which your future success rests.”


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