Los Angeles Football Club

"When starting a new venture
- Peter Guber


The Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) is the new MLS soccer franchise serving the greater Los Angeles area.

As Owner and Executive Chairman, Peter is actively establishing the franchise, developing the executive team, creating strategic partnerships with sponsors and advertisers, and building the country’s most expensive privately financed soccer stadium that will cover 15 acres in downtown LA, and will include a conference center, restaurants, and a soccer museum.

Peter Guber LAFC press conference

The Groundwork

Putting the Pieces Together

Buying a new franchise in Los Angeles from Major League Soccer required building a new stadium, assembling a full management team, finding players to be competitive, delivering major sponsors, and creating revenue assets.

We painted a detailed picture of the dream, gave it a time limit, and declared it our goal. We had nothing but the rights and capital.

Peter Guber LAFC ownership press conference
photo: Andrew Bernstein

The Strategy

Clear Vision, Consistent Execution

Creating a strategy meant considering all the hurdles in an order that would build momentum and demonstrate proof of process.

The vision had to be clear and constant for our executive team and our millennial audience believing that though the process would be slow, it was certain.

Peter Guber, Magic Johnson and LAFC Ownership

The Future

Peter Guber LAFC Logo Unveiling Press Conference

photo: Andrew Bernstein

The Future

Momentum & Passion

“Setting the stage for the future, the LAFC has gathered enormous momentum by elegantly executing a designed strategy owned by everyone involved, including the fans. This franchise is representative of the new era of soccer, committed to building a digitally fit organization and stadium to provide an optimal experience for players and generations of fans.

From the outset, our goal has been to make LAFC a Club that reflects the lifeblood of Los Angeles, the creativity, resilience, energy and passion of its people.”


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