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"An association with young minds and their unique intellectual curiosity at the university level
has been a great accelerator to my career."

Helping Others on Their Journey

From the outset, I wanted to use what I’ve learned in business to help shape others in their journey to success.   I’ve been a professor at UCLA for three decades, teaching courses at the School of Theater,  Film, Television, and Digital Media and in the Anderson School of Management. Among the many courses I teach is a course called ‘Navigating a Narrative World,’ which explores the MAGIC of story as “state of the heart” technology for creating emotional connections with others.   img-teaching-logos3

Peter commencement speech UCLA School of Theater, Film, & Television

Peter delivering the commencement speech to the UCLA School of Theater, Film, & Television. photo: Juan Tallo

Peter Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.
Peter with UCLA course guest, Eric Schmidt, Former Executive Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.

Creating Unique Opportunities

I co-teach ‘Critical Milestones in Preparing for a Life in Leadership,’ an annual MBA course that discusses topics such as vision, negotiation, managing up and across, execution, change, risk, and giving back. I also teach courses in sports and technology. For all of my courses I bring in leaders who are at the top of their field and create a space where the guests and students can converse and experience something unique.  

Connect With Peter

Leaders on Leadership

I joined with Judy Olian, former Dean of the UCLA Anderson School of Management, to create the ‘Leaders on Leadership’ podcast series. Spending rare moments with luminaries such as Larry King, Mitch Kupchak, Kent Kresa, Lynda Resnick, David Feinberg, Pat Woertz, Frank Cooper, Bob Iger and Paul Irving, ‘Leaders on Leadership’ reveals that beyond talent and deep analytical understanding, leadership requires self and global awareness, extraordinary adaptability and intellectual curiosity, resiliency of character, and generosity of spirit.

Leaders on Leadership Series