The Be-Your-Own-Boss Litmus Test

In this series, professionals share how they embrace the entrepreneurial mindset. See the stories here, then write your own (use #BetheBoss in the post).

Ready to move on? Ready to be your own boss?  Take this “go/no go” litmus test:

  1. Can you clearly define and articulate your vision?
  2. Can you give it a time limit so your vision becomes your goal?
  3. Are you inspired by your vision or perspired by the thought of undertaking it?
  4. Have you designed an entry plan for your product or process?
  5. Can you clearly define who your audience/customers are?
  6. Do you know your competition and the competitive landscape?
  7. Are you able to differentiate your offering from your competitors?
  8. Do you know what resources and resourcefulness you need to execute your plan?
  9. Are you properly capitalized? If not, do you know where and how to seek sufficient capital to get liftoff for success?
  10. Are you clear about what the treasures and time bombs of the journey might be?
  11. Are you willing to not be risk averse?
  12. Are you congruent – do your feet, tongue, heart, and wallet go in the same direction?
  13. Are you prepared to be reasonably uncomfortable with the uncertainty of “not knowing?”
  14. Are you ready to be at the front of the parade?
  15. Are you able to be the vision keeper, but be collaborative in the execution of your vision?
  16. Can you keep your ego in check?
  17. Are you able to bring in the best and brightest talent and motivate them?
  18. Are you agile enough to take advantage of serendipity?
  19. Are you able to manage success and be generous with the gold and glory?

Now, ask at least two folks who know you, the product or process, and the market, how many “go’s/ no go’s” they would give you on this test.

Listen to and learn from their responses. If the results are clear, take the next step.

Be brave and smart as you chart your course to entrepreneurial success!

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