Where I Work: Design Your Work Space to Inspire Your Success

A round table encourages conversations – and the awards and other items tell a story about my businesses.

You’re looking at an office that has no desk, only a round table with all equal chairs, and a collection of items earned, given, and used over the years in its center. There is a set of bobble heads of the NBA Franchise I own, the Golden State Warriors, in my direct eye line.

I set it up this way so everyone coming to meet with me feels no control or hierarchy and sees the eye candy that represents our diverse business activities. My view is 360 degrees and it reflects me seeing opportunity and history in every direction while stimulating my curiosity and motivating me to live up to and surpass my past.

Over time my workspace has always been accreted by the new items that populate my space. I wouldn’t change anything about it today. But based on my new experiences and ventures, it might be gently different tomorrow.

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