Drama Gets Your Story Moving

Michael Jackson, iconic entertainer & Pet Snake

Michael Jackson, iconic entertainer & Pet Snake

Inside, a massive snake was coiled around a tree branch. His head was tracking something in the opposite corner of the terrarium.

Michael pointed with his finger at the object of Muscles’ obsession. A little white mouse was trying to hide behind a pile of wood shavings.

Peter Guber said hopefully, “Are they friends?”

“Do they look it?”

“No. The mouse is trembling.”

Michael said, “We have to feed Muscles live mice, otherwise he won’t eat. Dead ones don’t get his attention.”

“So why doesn’t he just go ahead and eat it?”

He said, “Because he enjoys the game. First he uses fear to get the mouse’s attention, then he waits, building tension. Finally, when the mouse is so terrified it can’t move, Muscles will close in.”

That snake had the attention of that mouse, and that mouse had the attention of that snake — and Michael Jackson had Guber’s attention.

“That’s drama,” Jackson said.

“It sure is!” Guber said. “This story has everything — stakes, suspense, power, death, good and evil, innocence and danger. I can’t stand it. And I can’t stop watching.”

“Exactly,” he said. “What’s going to happen next? Even if you know what it is, you don’t know how or when.

“Maybe the mouse will escape.”

Michael let out one of his high, strange laughs. “Maybe.”

If Guber had the slightest doubt about Jackson’s command as a teller of stories, it evaporated that day. The art of his tell profoundly and clearly taught Guber that nothing grabs our attention faster than the need to know what happens next?



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