Susan R. Estrich, professor, USC Gould School of Law; first woman to manage a presidential campaign; lawyer; and commentator for Fox News

Use Your Props Properly Or They Can Tank Your Story

Michael Dukakis was running for President of the United States and had a great health insurance program. But that image never really made it to prime time. In fact, when Peter Guber was walking to co-teach his UCLA class with Susan Estrich, Michael Dukakis’ former campaign manager, Guber passed Dukakis himself, who was a visiting professor on campus. As soon as Guber saw him, a memory from his campaign flew into Guber’s mind of a little guy wearing an ill-fitting helmet riding around in a tank for a photo-op. Unfortunately, that helmet, a prop in his story, helped scuttle his campaign.

Estrich, at class, sighed as she told the back story behind the helmet and the tank. “Here was a guy who was not strong on defense. Michael Dukakis had a great education and health insurance program. Had he gone to the healthcare factory and put on a little mask, with his nose sticking out, people would’ve said, ‘He looks a little funny, but he’s a healthcare nut, and he’s fun.’ We were never going to win if this was a fight about defense.”

Unfortunately, Dukakis’s other advisors felt otherwise. “So Dukakis goes to a tank factory,” Estrich recalled. “He gets on the tank. He puts the helmet on, and he fastens the strap. He thinks, ‘This is like riding a bike.’ It’s not like riding a bike! It’s riding a tank. You’re not supposed to have a good time on a tank!”

Wrong lead with the wrong prop at the wrong time in the wrong place – bad story! This artifact was not congruent with Dukakis’s authentic story, so it tanked his campaign.



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